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At Dark House Audio we offer a variety of professional audio services for our artists. We mainly specialize in mixing and mastering, although we also love carefully crafting guitar and bass sounds by reamping your guitars and basses.

Our goal is to allow the artist's vision to be fully expressed in the final record. 


You can record your own DI tracks at home, at your own pace and without spending a lot of money, to have it re-amplified by our state-of-the-art gear. 

We believe in the latest technological advances, so we are equipped with a Kemper Profiling Amplifier, up to date with a HUGE selection of profiles both for guitar and bass.

Never again your guitars and basses will sound weak. Get a quote, no strings attached!


If you already went through the tracking phase on your brand new record, you'll probably know that the next step is to carefully select a Mixing Engineer as it's one of the most (if not the most) crucial and defining steps of the production process.

We pile up to 9 years of experience mixing the heaviest music one can imagine, so maybe we're just the right studio for your needs.

Hear the audio examples in the media page for yourself!


The final stage of every production. After the final mixes are approved, you might want to take them somewhere else for another set of ears to work on it.

We can do it for you, thanks to the latest technology in audio software, which enables us to carefully taylor the end result to music standards. 

If you want a free mastering sample, just send us your unmastered song using the upload interface in the contact page.

Interested in working together on your next record? Let's Talk.​

"We had a great experience with Erik from Dark House Audio. He definitely understands audio and how to convey our creative vision. Highly recommended."

Albano Arce - Seal The Rhizome

"It's the best studio to record Metal in Mexico. Period. Erik is the best engineer we've worked with. Professional and his work is high quality. We're really satisfied with the end result."

Nikk Hernandez - Seven Riders

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