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Terms & Conditions

File Delivery Instructions - General 

- All audio files should be sent as 44.1/48khz, 24 bit WAVs. 


- Don’t send Pro Tools sessions or any other DAW. WAV files only.


- Please make sure all mono tracks are sent in mono, that will apply to most tracks, the only things that are usually stereo is stereo synths, overhead and room tracks.


- All MIDI must be provided for software instruments. This includes programmed drums, bass and synths.


- You must provide a MIDI file containing the tempo, and variations throughout the session.


- Ensure that none of your tracks are clipping, nor are too quiet. Ideally they should peaking somewhere between -12db & -6db.


- Strip silence on all tracks. Ensure that audio tails are not unintentionally cut short during the process.


- All instrumental tracks must be edited 100% to the grid . Please note that we reserve the right to refuse to work on a track if it is not sufficiently edited. In such a scenario, it is up to you to re-examine the tracks in question or purchase an additional editing service from a reliable third party.


- Export all files from the same point: one bar before the music starts and send consolidated files from zero to the end of the song. This is to make sure everything lines up correctly when imported.


- Please provide your tracks in the following format/structure as shown in the example file you can download here.

- The preferred method for file delivery is via 


- Please, do not use Google Drive or Dropbox shared folders, as they are unreliable and slow to process. If the files are zipped into a single file, then it's totally OK to use it.

- Check your session! Once you’ve exported everything as specified, load it into your DAW and make sure it all works as intended.

File Delivery Instructions - Drums 

- Record real drums with a professional. If you are a professional who is self-producing, please ensure the recording takes place in a great sounding room, with an high-end kit and quality mics. Check for phase issues, and flip the polarity of any channels that require it (such as under-mics) before exporting your WAVS. 


- Please provide MIDI along with your recorded drums. 


- Top quality drum recording can be expensive. For this reason we’d always prefer to work with well programmed drums over badly recorded real ones, and you’ll prefer the results.

- In all cases, please include a MIDI map of the kit as a plain text file so I know which midi notes go to which drums. Also a drum stem bounce from the tracking studio would be very helpful just in case there is reprogramming confusion.

File Delivery Instructions - Guitar/Bass 

- Ensure your instrument has been fully set up and intoned.


- Record every song with brand new fresh strings. Otherwise the tone will be dull and it won’t be consistent across songs. 


- Check your tuning between every take. If the tuning drifts too often, stretching the strings will help. 


- Please provide DI signals for every recorded track; these are required for re-amping. 


- If you have tracked with a noise gate, remove any noise that occurs when the gate is turned off before exporting the DI’s. 


- If there are heavily effected guitar parts, please leave the FX on rather than asking us to recreate them. Does not apply for simple delay/reverb effects on leads, but rather complex pedal chains or specific effects.


- If you’re sending both processed and DI files, make it clear which ones relate to each other. For example, “GTR Lead 1” should be accompanied by the file: “GTR Lead 1 DI” on the appropriate folder and so on.


- Check the quality of DI’s before sending. Re-amping multiple times will incur extra costs.


- MIDI Bass is perfectly acceptable. We recommend the samplers made by Buster Odeholm at Impact Studios in Sweden:

File Delivery Instructions - Vocals 

- Tune your clean vocals. We recommend Melodyne or Auto-Tune for such purposes, on account of their ability to produce a natural sound. 


- Provide separate tracks for clean and scream/growled vocals.


- Provide separate tracks for high and low screams.

File Delivery Instructions - Keys/Synths/Programming

- If you have keys, you will need to include an audio track for each part, not just MIDI. Otherwise we’re adding guesswork to the equation.


- If you include MIDI, please make sure each channel is properly labeled.

File Delivery Instructions - Reference Tracks

- I like having a reference mix to listen to, so I can get a rough idea of what you were going for and how the sound should sound in general.


- It is not possible to copy or cherry pick different tones out of other albums for the mix (ie the kick from this record, the guitars from that other record, etc) as we don’t have access to their signal chains and it’s probably not going to work in the context of your mix. We are looking to create new, fresh mixes.

Terms & Conditions

- A deposit of 50% of the total is required upon booking, I will provide you with a PayPal link so you can pay online with your credit card or PayPal account. Once the payment has gone through your dates will be booked.


- The remaining 50% will be paid on the first day of mixing. Please note I can’t deliver any mixes until all fees have been paid in full.

- A total of 3 revisions are included for mixing and mastering. You’ll need to assign one band member only for the revision process, which will contact me via email at

That will ensure we do not fall into chaos with multiple requests from different members (sometimes even contradicting).

- After the mix is delivered, you have up to 72h to come up with a revision list, if you need more time, make sure you let me know in advance, otherwise the mix will be considered final.

- Once we have the first mix approved I will send you the remaining songs for you to evaluate, so we can keep going with the revision process.

- This is intended to be a mixing-and-mastering-only service. I never intended for this service to be of a post-production type. That said, I can still add a few things to your song at a charge of 50€ per song. 

- Stems/Backing Tracks must be requested at the time of mixing for a one-time fee of 50€. Some artists realise their need for stems months after we’ve delivered the masters. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for us to keep hold of every session indefinitely, so please ask at the time of the project.

- The studio must be accredited in the description or linear notes of any physical, digital or video copy of the final master. Please also include a clickthrough link to the website in the copy of any digital media.

- This is a digital service business, so it is not possible to offer refunds. If you hire us you are compeletely aware and in agreement to this condition.


- We belive in total transparency, so our rates are public.


- Our rates are the same for everyone, independent artists, record labels, new clients, and good friends.

- If your local currency is not Euro (€) we recommend using for an accurate estimate of the current conversion rates




Includes free mastering




60€/song for stem mastering

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