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Before submitting your material to us, please make sure you follow these guidelines. They are really important for the workflow and quality of the final product. 

1 - Label and organise your tracks

It's absolutely necessary to keep order in the chaos that is mixing an album. For that reason I suggest you label all the tracks across songs the exact same way. If the kick drum is labeled "Kick.wav" please name them all the same, don't suddenly use "Bassdrum.wav" for other songs. That's especially crucial with vocals, where I need to know the role of the track, not really the names of band members!

A good habit would be placing every file for each song, along with midis and txt files in single folders. Make sure the labelling is consistent before packing it up in a zip file. 

2 - Double and triple check your files

Some times files get lost, corrupted or simply forgotten. To avoid setbacks and having to re-schedule sessions, please make sure all your tracks line up properly, match their label description and most importantly that you don't forget any tracks as I won't be able to tell the first time I open the folders!

3 - Mixing is not Editing

Please make sure your tracks are either perfectly edited or perfectly played. The one thing that makes a mix stand out is performance. A great performance always sounds bigger and more polished to the ears. 

We don't offer editing services at the moment, but I can put you in touch with great editors across the globe that won't cost you an arm and a leg and whose results are of very high standards.

I hope you understand that I won't mix a project that has been neglected in that sense, for the good of both you and me. 

4 - File Formats

In order to maximize compatibility across multiple recording platforms I'm accepting audio in 44.100/48.000Hz 24 Bit WAV or AIFF files. Please, avoid sending me DAW sessions.

Please make sure every file is consolidated and starts at the start of the song, so they line up when importing.

If your project contains MIDI files, please export them as ".mid" files and make sure they import back correctly in a blank session.


If it's MIDI drums, please include a text file with the mapping in the following format: "36(C1)-Kick; 38(D1)-Snare..."

The reason for that is different drum samplers have different drums and cymbals assigned to different keys. That way I can make sure the mapping stays consistent with what you wrote.

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